Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

17-19 October 2023

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Vladimir Shmelev: “Our heating system is the best”

Electric power industry, as one of the basic industries of the economy, plays an important role in the political, economical and social spheres of any country. In the next ten years the global electric power sector is going through significant structural and technological changes, which will be accompanied by unprecedented investments in the development of renewable energy technologies, “green economy” and an efficient energy conservation policy. “Almaty Power Stations” JSC is an energy producing organization, engaged in the production of thermal and electric energy in Almaty city and Almaty region.

Vladimir Shmelev, Deputy Chief Engineer of “AlPS” JSC, told about the perspectives of development of electric and thermal energy of the South capital, changes in productive capacities and participation in the exhibitions Power, Lighting и ReEnergy Kazakhstan 2016.

Shmelev photo

What are the main objectives of “Almaty Power Stations” JSC?

First of all, as an energy producing organization, we aim to produce electricity and heat to ensure uninterrupted supply to the consumers of Almaty region. Besides, “AlPS” annually takes a variety of measures to maintain the current level and development of energy sources by implementation of repair works, reconstruction, modernization and installation of new equipment, certainly, we are committed to energy conservation.

What changes were made in the production program - 2016?

We launched additional thermal capacity, an additional boiler. If earlier the determined capacity was 3,840 Gcal, and now it is 4,049.26 Gcal. To simplify things, at CHP – 2 we have energy boilers, they produce definite amount of steam. The steam rolls the turbines; they, in turn, produce electrical energy. Earlier we didn’t have the power reserve in winter period; we had to charge all seven boilers. Today, we have the possibility to keep one boiler in reserve. All boilers are coal-fired, this means there is always a risk that some of the boilers will be worn out or will break, which can lead to hours of maximum loads. Therefore, another boiler allows us to keep extra energy recourses in reserve without the decrease in the production of heat and electrical energy. We maintain a certain level of consumption and can guarantee the production of a certain amount of energy.

Are there any measures planned to increase productivity for the next year?

For the next year we have no plans regarding the increase. However, in the area of the western complex of the CHP the Local Administration is building another two water heating boilers, that will definitely enable to connect extra 20 customers’ houses on the west part of Almaty and Almaty region. The additional boilers will produce about 200 Gcal, and this is so far a great deal – in average 9-storey house, consisting of two entrances, consumes about 10 Gcal.

Will the transition to individual heating connection be performed? In other words will it be possible, by submitting a claim, to connect the house before the declared term as it is done in Europe for example?

The procedure for determining the heating season has been used since the Soviet Union times. As you know, the heating season begins from October 15 and lasts until April 15. For example, in Moscow there is a slight deviation, as the temperature there is lower than here. But in Kazakhstan the rules of heating connection are adjusted by the local executive organ – the Local Administration. Undoubtedly, if average daily temperature is kept below eight degrees more than three days, then we have to turn on the heating. Regarding the European system - the transition to it is not planned.

In your opinion, how fast does the energy complex of Almaty city develop?

The development of energy complex keeps up with the times. The representatives from America, Belgium, Sweden have been here. All in one voice said that our heating system is the best. Certainly, we should keep up with the world of innovations. Therefore, since 2011 we have had the commercial accounting system of electrical energy. In Russia it is being introduced only now. Also, we have equipment since 1935, 1943, and today, we are developing the projects on the replacement of equipment with more durable and eco-friendly one. Everything depends n funding. For example, up to 4 billion tenge is annually allocated for repair works, for capital construction and modernization - around 15 billion tenge. We raise the issues for the Local Administration: to start the replacement of equipment and introduction of new capacities, we have to understand how fast the city develops, whether there is population growth.

At the moment Power Kazakhstan, Lighting Kazakhstan and ReEnergy Kazakhstan are taking place. What are your impressions from the exhibitions?

For participants of the electrical energy complex the exhibitions are an important event – here you can find who has new technologies, inventions, what innovations you can adopt. I believe that these exhibitions should exist for this very reason. In our industry it is important “to have your finger on the pulse”, as every year all technologies are becoming outdated and new ones are being invented. We participate in the exhibition for the first time, however, I think in the future it will become a good tradition.

The development of alternative ways of producing energy, construction of new power plants, modernization of equipment, use of innovative products and services over time will help solve the issues of electrical energy, transform and expand the electrical power industry in Almaty and in Kazakhstan as a whole.