Nazarbayev University graduates develop device to lower cost of electricity delivery

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Nazarbayev University graduates have developed a device to extend the working capacity of transformers, the press service of the city administration reported recently.

The project, named Remote Monitoring of Transformers, implies a cloud system with registered algorithms on the servers. According to manager and member of the start-up team Adlet Zaurenbek, data from transformers will be collected and processed. The data will be used to increase the efficiency of transformers and their life cycle.

The team of young scientists believe this invention will help monitor, identify and eliminate problems in the work of transformers.

“The transformer is the same machine that eventually breaks down. If the problem is not detected in time, it will eventually lead to breakdown. The faster the device is repaired, the cheaper it will cost. The efficiency will increase many times, and it will save a lot of money,” he explained.

The cost of the transformer reaches several hundred thousand dollars. Large power plants own a huge number of such devices.

“For example, Astana – Regional Electric Grid Company has about 100,000 transformers, the cost of each is almost $150,000. If they increase their life cycle by five years, this will save billions. In the future, our system will act as artificial intelligence,” Zaurenbek said.

The invention underwent testing experimentally: it figured out a breakdown and automatically reported this.

“In the course of the experiment, after eight hours and 35 minutes with an error of five minutes, the transformer burned down, and our experience was successful,” Zaurenbek said.

According to him, the research is applied at the first stage in the laboratory. The team plans to use the equipment on real transformers.

The young team worked on the project for more than a year. The launch of the device is scheduled for the summer of 2018.


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