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About ReEnergy Kazakhstan:

ReEnergy Kazakhstan Project - is the main exhibition space for demonstration of equipment, technologies and services in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The main objectives of the ReEnergy Kazakhstan project are:

  • Increase the use of renewable energy;
  • Introduction of the latest energy - and resource-saving equipment and technologies at Kazakhstan enterprises and in the housing and public service sector;
  • Promotion of energy saving ideas among the public and to draw attention to the problem of energy saving.

Since its establishment in 2011, the ReEnergy Kazakhstan exhibition has attracted the attention of leading international companies engaged in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In 2011 the German concern VESTAS was the primary sponsor of the exhibition. During three years the exhibition was attended by such companies as «Astana Solar», «INFOCOM LTD», «ACTIV SOLAR», «SOWITEC Kazakhstan», LED Store, VORTEX, China International Water & Electric Corporation, GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH and many others.


  • Solar Energy
  • Wind power
  • Small-scale water power
  • Geo-thermal power
  • Alternative motor fuels
  • Bio-gas and solid bio-fuels
  • Innovative technologies of cultivation, storage and transportation of raw materials for the Bio-fuel production
  • Agriculture, electric transport and alternative fuel transport
  • Projects for investors and opportunities to finance projects
  • Energy - resource-saving technologies, materials and equipment
  • Accounting and monitoring of energy saving and consumption of fuel energy resources.


An important business event within the ReEnergy Kazakhstan exhibition is the Kazakhstan Forum of Power Engineers. Each year the Forum was attended by over 150 specialists in the energy industry. In the course of the Forum the development prospects of electric and thermal power in Kazakhstan, energy saving and efficiency , the implementation of Kazakh energy projects , development and support of alternative energy sources, increase of the Kazakhstan content in the production for the energy sector was discussed.

Parallel with the Forum, seminars and presentations of participating companies were organized at the exhibition. Volume business program introduces specialists with the latest equipment and technologies for various industries.


ReEnergy Kazakhstan is held at the same venue with the largest industrial events – Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Lighting, Lighting Engineering and LED Technologies» - Lighting Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical Equipment & Machine Building Exhibition - Power Kazakhstan that undoubtedly helps to attract the maximum number of targeted visitors.

Energy power specialists will visit the exhibitions - representatives of government departments, heads of the fuel energy companies, engineering and technical services; management of REC, power plants, hydro power plants, chief engineers and power engineers of HPS and industrial enterprises in various industries; representatives of design, construction and installation companies; specialists of transport, service and sales companies.


In 2014, (the total display of the) exhibitions presented more than 150 companies from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia, Poland, Iran and Germany.

Traditionally, the exhibition was attended by national stand of the Czech Republic, Poland, China and Germany. For three days, more than 3 190 experts from Kazakhstan and foreign countries visited the exhibition. You can find Post Show report 2014 here.

For participation in the exhibition ReEnergy Kazakhstan 2015, please contact the organizing committee LLP «Iteca».


As it is known, Kazakhstan won the right to host the World Expo 2017.

Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition will be held under the theme «Energy for the future». Astana EXPO 2017 - is a comprehensive large-scale project, the theme of which is the energy which causes a deep multilateral interest that allows considering it as a factor which predetermines the existence of communities and daily life in these communities.

The project «Energy for the Future» sets concrete goals - to explore the strategies, programs and technologies aimed to develop sustainable energy sources, improving the reliability and efficiency of energy supply, promote the use of renewable energy sources and show visitors the necessity of their active participation in the development and implementation of the plan of energy saving production and efficient use of energy resources.


By 2030 a share of renewable energy is planning to be led to 30%. The environment in the Republic of Kazakhstan creates big opportunities for development of this generation. A cumulative potential of renewable energy in the power generation makes 1885 billion kWh, thermal potential – 4,3 GW. The biggest potential belongs to the generation on the basis of wind energy.

Nowadays the government provides support to renewable energy: long-term, fixed and comparatively high rates which are declared around the world have been approved for renewable energy manufacturers.

Currently, one of the primary directions in energy development and solving of Kazakhstan environmental problems is the use of renewable energy resources and implementation of energy- and resources-saving programs.

Potential of renewable energy resources (water, wind and solar energy) is very significant in Kazakhstan. But despite this, the percentage of alternative energy production in Kazakhstan is only 0.4 %.

According to experts, Kazakhstan – is one of the countries with the most suitable conditions for the development of wind energy. It was developed wind atlas of Kazakhstan and studied 10 sites for building of WES, which can be used for the construction of large WES with a total capacity of up to 1000 MW for commercial production of electricity of 3.2 billion kWh of electricity.

Despite the geographic location of Kazakhstan in the northern latitude, solar energy resources of the country are stable due to favorable climate conditions. According to the recent study results the potential of solar energy in the southern regions of the country reaches 2500 - 3000 of solar hours of sunshine annually.

The theoretical potential of hydropower resources of Kazakhstan is 170h109 kWh / year; and the potential for use - 62h109 kWh / year; same economic potential is about 27- 30х109 kWh / year.

State is taking integrated measures to increase the share of energy from renewable sources, for this in 2009 the Law «On the support of renewable energy usage» was adopted.

Motivation for use of renewable energy is the fact that Kazakhstan has committed itself to reduce its emissions by 15% relatively to the level of 1992. This goal will be difficult to achieve only reducing the energy output ratio. Thus, the role of renewable energy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to Kazakhstan.

An important step towards the development of RES in Kazakhstan is the State Program on forced industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan in 2010-2014, which was approved in March of this year. The objectives of the National Program are to achieve a volume of electricity generated by renewable energy sources in the amount of 1 billion kWh per year by 2014 and increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption for more than 1 % by 2015.

Within the framework of the State Program it is planned to implement projects for the construction of the first wind energy station. Among the suggested hosting areas are the city of Astana, Akmola Region, The Dzungarian Gates and The Shelek Corridor. The supposed power of generated electrical energy at the first stage may reach 50-100 MW.

By 2015, it is planned the construction of wind turbines with a capacity of 125 MW and electric power generation of 400 million kWh Also, prior to 2015 , Kazakhstan plans to bring into work new small HES with a total installed capacity of over 100 MW ,and with a planned output of electric energy - 300 million kWh

By 2030 a share of renewable energy is planning to be led to 30%. The environment in the Republic of Kazakhstan creates big opportunities for development of this generation. A cumulative potential of renewable energy in the power generation makes 1885 billion kWh, thermal potential – 4,3 GW. The biggest potential belongs to the generation on the basis of wind energy.

It is foreseen to develop the plan of renewable energy facilities accommodation and to continue improving and expansion of the first Kazakhstan wind atlas.

In the near future the Government of Kazakhstan plans to study issues of renewable energy sources: reservation and priority in the provision of land for the construction of RES; obligations of transmitting energy organizations on purchase electricity produced with the help of RES; exemption of RES from payment for electricity transportation via networks; support connecting of objects that use renewable energy sources to the grid power of transmission organization.


The Kazakhstan field of energy-saving is tasked to reduce the energy intensity of GDP for at least 10% by 2015 and 25% by 2020. Thus, energy-saving is related to the strategic objectives of the state.

To achieve these goals it is necessary to improve energy efficiency in all sectors and all regions of the country as a whole. To implement these plans, a law «On energy-saving and energy efficiency» was passed in the Republic of Kazakhstan that established regulatory framework and infrastructure conditions for its implementation.

Kazakhstan has significant potential for energy-saving - according to experts it is 30 % of total energy consumption. In November 2011, the Government of Kazakhstan has approved a comprehensive plan in the field of energy efficiency, which will save up to 200 billion tenge a year. The comprehensive plan consists of 47 events, including 25 cross-sectoral events, 5 pilot projects, 24 events in the sphere of industry, electricity, heat engineering, housing and communal services. The implementation of the comprehensive plan will cover all the national companies, government bodies, local councils, councils of Almaty and Astana, the subjects of housing and public services. Implementation of the comprehensive plan would secure reduction in energy intensity of GDP by 10%, annual saving reaches 16 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, 11 kilo calories of heat power, 7 million tons of coal that in cash equivalent is equal to 200 billion of tenge.

Implementation of the comprehensive plan will form a new system that will develop the streamline industry of high performance, develop and implement new technologies to improve energy efficiency, to train new staff and provide interaction between science and the real economy sector, to form a different attitude and a new way of thinking among the population on and rational and wise use of energy resources.

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