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Lighting Kazakhstan 2017

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About Lighting Kazakhstan:

The Kazakhstan International Lighting Kazakhstan Exhibition of Lighting, Light Engineering & LED Technologies is the central exhibition platform to demonstrate equipment, technology, and services in light engineering. An important part of the Lighting Kazakhstan 2013 project would be created by its business programme, i.e. relevant roundtables, presentations, contests, and workshops.

Participating in the Lighting Kazakhstan 2013 Exhibition would allow getting objective information on the condition and prospects of the development of Kazakhstan’s light engineering industry; representing companies and products on the Kazakhstan market; learning about the current customers’ requirements; researching competitors’ business activity and appraising the competitiveness of products and services, as well as directly meeting a wide audience of specialists and establishing stable business relations.

It is important to add that on the same dates with the Lighting Kazakhstan 2013 Exhibition, the neighbouring pavilion will host a major exhibition, Power Kazakhstan 2013 - Energy, Electrical Equipment and Power Machine Building Exhibition, and a specialised exhibition, Re-Energy Kazakhstan 2013 - RES, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Resource Conservation Exhibition. This will undoubtedly attract an ever greater target audience.

The main sectors of Lighting Kazakhstan exhibition:

  • - Technical Lighting
  • - Decorative Lighting
  • - Electric lamps
  • - LED lighting systems
  • - Light Engineering Design

Official support of Lighting Kazakhstan exhibition:

  • - Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • - Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company KEGOC JSC
  • - Almaty City Akimat (Administration)
  • - Kazakhstan Electricity Association – KEA
  • - Union of Power Engineers of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • - Union of Engineering Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • - Academician Sh. Chokin Kazakhstan Scientific Research Institute JSC

Why Kazakhstan?

The virtual absence of competitive environment in the manufacture and supply of light engineering products; absence of local manufacturers; low quality of imported light engineering products available in the market, limited line and substantially inflated prices; essential arrearage from the developed countries in the introduction and use of LED products and energy conservation technologies, all opens promising opportunities for foreign companies in the development of Kazakhstan’s light engineering market!

The Kazakhstan light engineering market currently experiences a period of robust growth primarily due to the following factors:

  • - the implementation of the State Programme of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014, which provides for the construction and commissioning of 237 major investment projects, including plants, technology parks, industrial production sites, and infrastructure facilities.
  • - the implementation by regional and city administrations of the programmes introducing energy conservation equipment: energy conservation and efficient energy use arrangements must become an indispensible part of regional comprehensive programmes for regions’ social and economic development, including regional energy programmes, in the near future. LED lighting systems are currently installed for use in the city municipal services.
  • - in November 2011, Kazakhstan’s Government approved a comprehensive plan of energy conservation, which would save up to KZT 200 billion yearly. The comprehensive plan comprises 47 arrangements, including 25 inter-industry arrangements, 5 pilot projects, 24 arrangements in the area of industry, electric power, housing and utilities infrastructure. The implementation of the comprehensive plan will embrace all national companies, state authorities, akimats of regions, Almaty and Astana cities, housing and utilities infrastructure facilities. The performance of the comprehensive plan will enable reducing the GDP’s energy-output ratio by 10% with the annual savings totalling 16 billion kilowatt per hour of electric power, 11 kilocalories of thermal power, 7 million tonnes of coal or a monetary equivalent of about KZT 200 billion. The implementation of the comprehensive plan will allow creating a new system for the development of an upgraded high-performance industry, development and implementation of new technologies enhancing energy efficiency, training of new staff and ensuring interaction between sciences and the real sector of the economy, moulding a different public attitude and new thinking for the rational use and reasonable consumption of energy resources.
  • - in December 2011, the Senate of Kazakhstan’s Parliament passed a draft Law on Energy Conservation and Rising of Energy Efficiency. The Law provides for the construction of a legal framework relating to energy conservation and rising of energy efficiency, financing of the relevant arrangements from the state budgets of all levels. Furthermore, the document regulates the establishment of state authorities’ competence to implement the upgrade of the manufacture, storage, transportation and consumption of energy resources, control and supervise the efficient use of energy resources, impose responsibility measures urging to abide by the Law provisions governing energy conservation and energy efficiency. In addition, the Law proposes that the state energy register be created. Any facilities included in the register and consuming more than 1,500 tonnes of reference fuel per year must be subject to energy audit and thereafter, according to the results of such energy audit, energy conservation action plans should be prepared and the yearly reduction of energy resource consumption should be ensured. On the same date, the Senate passed at once the two readings of the draft Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan Concerning Energy Conservation and Rising of Energy Efficiency. The Law has been forwarded for signature by the Head of State. The Law provides for amendments to the Code on Administrative Violations establishing liability for the violations of legislation concerning energy conservation and rising of energy efficiency; and also amendments to the Budget Code and the Tax Code. Besides that, it is proposed to amend the laws on transport, residential relations, natural monopolies and regulated markets.
  • - the significant potential for energy conservation in Kazakhstan: according to the specialist research, it makes 30% of the total energy consumption. Energy saving light engineering products have become the focal point for Kazakhstan procurers and consumers, with residential and public buildings, and also industrial facilities being the top consumers.
  • - with the introduction, as of 2010, of the Customs Union among Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, the new prospects become open for cooperation among Kazakhstan, Russian and Belarusian manufactures and suppliers of light engineering equipment. Imports/exports are forecasted to rise substantially in the short run within the Union, including for light engineering products, thanks to the simplified procedure of customs clearance and reduction of transportation costs.
  • - substantial gain in social welfare and income of Kazakhstan citizens and, accordingly, the drive to improve the quality of life: according to experts, June 2010 saw the same level of Kazakhstan people’s purchasing capacity as in June 2007, i.e. before the crisis.
  • - absolute absence of any local manufacturers of light engineering products: only 2 Kazakhstan companies have run the manufacture of electroluminescent lamps and are planning to start manufacturing of LED products; lighting fixtures, spotlights, etc. are also not manufactured in the country.
  • - low quality of imported light engineering products available in the market, limited line and substantially inflated price.
  • - essential arrearage from the developed countries in the introduction and use of LED products and energy conservation technologies.
  • - virtual absence of competitive environment in the manufacturing and supply of light engineering products.
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